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Tucker Carlson Offends Me

I have to say I have never seen nor heard more than five seconds of Tucker Carlson without being offended. Occasionally funny with snark—he’s got a bit of Jon Stewart bite in him—he’s a machete of malice and supremacism.

Look underneath anything he says and you will find a champion of white male dominance. Not sure if he mentions God but my money is he does.

Bandying God about allows for all kinds of awful transgressions.

Tucker Carlson speaks of politics, of party:

Here’s what’s happening…

So… Stop maligning them and engage, maybe. Tucker, take a Mexican to the driving range and Invite them into the whole Capitalism meritocracy thing.

Or… Move to New England?

Oh. You’d rather take down this whole Democracy, this grand experiment of ours.

Is this a White thing?

The Republican Party is attracting a huge chunk of these new Americans (despite your noxious existence, I suspect) so this can’t be a “party thing” or you’d be going after more of them. Small government, simplified and fair taxes, deficit reduction, the export of democratic values and capitalism abroad… These are things almost anyone can get behind… You want to fight with the democrats about tax policy or the size and scope of our "social safety net” then fine. That’s a conversation we need to have.

But you appeal to race. The White Race. Here in America.

You forget, to your peril, Tucker, that here in the United States of America, everyone has a voice, even minorities. Don't be afraid to be one.

Be kind to the newcomers, have more babies (more than two, obviously. Math),

and everything will be fine.

Why do you think Orthodox Jews have been procreating like bunnies for millennia?

To make more.

Tucker says you don't count. His career depends on convincing you that you don’t matter. Then he finds someone for you to get mad at about it.

His shtick--and his paycheck--depends on your anger.

What was that joke about Democrats and snowflakes? Well, dear, you too are a snowflake. Unless you have an identical twin but even then I suspect no two of us are perfectly identical.

Do you think you are just the same as everyone else?

If you are one of the faithful I ask, doesn’t God make us snowflakes?

Darwin certainly thought so.

Oh and one more thing. With apologies to American natives, about 15% of us annually are from somewhere else.

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